Creama De Coco Y Pimientos Del Piquillo

The coconut cream with pimientos del piquillo makes use of ingredients with a South American and Spanish influence. You’ll see the coconut cream on everything from braisedchicken sauces to coconut cream cake and coconut ice cream in Spanish speaking countries. Likewise, the flavorful red peppers called pimientos del piquillo compliment the nuances of the coconut, a feat achieved by the French chef Helene Darroze of her eponymous restaurant in Paris, France. The dish can be served as an appetizer or with a salad. Pair it with a white wine like the Graves Blanc or a red wine like the Côte du Rhône rouge. Both highlight each of the recipe’s ingredients—for the Graves Blanc, it is the starchy white beans while for the Côte du Rhône, it is the sweet Spanish red peppers.

Normally, the peppers (which do well in its flavor when char-grilled) can be cooked whole and stuffed with cheese, meat and herbs. It’s also a frequent ingredient in pasta sauces, risotto, pizza, and soups. But for this recipe, the peppers are sliced into strips. They are added to the cooked white beans, which keeps their flavor and texture. The lardoons cooked in duck fat or grease makes the dish more savory as the coconut cream brings all these favors to the fore. Are you looking for the online video recipe for this dish? Well your just a click away. 

The pimientos del piquillo are grown as a variety of red peppers in the Navarra area in northern Spain particularly in the small town of Ladosa. The chef favors these peppers especially for its intense red color—which will stand out in the whiteness of the cream of coconut. The flesh is compact, refined and sweet. Since the pimientos del piquillo are a native of Ladosa, each tin or glass jar containing the roasted peppers in salted water bears the seal of origin. The seal is the Denominación de Origen or “denomination of origin,” which guarantees the authenticity of the product.


4 ½ lbs. cool DARLINGS
1 onion
1 garlic clove
2 carrots
1 5/8 lbs. small lardoons
1 tomato
bouquet garni
duck grease
salt, pepper
Sherry vinegar
1 cup cream
olive oil
1 or 2 pimientos del piquillo

1. Clean and/or peel everything. Shred the Pimientos. Chop the lardoons. Then mince the onions, carrots, and garlic.

2. Heat a large pan. Pour the duck grease then the lardoons. Add the carrots, onions, and garlic then the white beans. Pour some chicken or duck broth. Add some tomatoes. Season with salt then remove from heat.

3. Transfer most of the contents into another container. Drain the sauce from the rest.

4. Take the greater portion of contents then blend while adding the coconut cream. Season with salt and pepper. Add some wine. And then transfer into a milk bottle or some other container.

5. Take the smaller portion and mash them a little. Add into it the Pimientos. Add the parsley and sherry vinegar. Finally, place on a serving dish. Serve them together; enjoy!


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