Delicious Couscous

This quick and easy summer couscous recipe makes a perfect appetizer or as a side dish. A delicious alternative for the ever favorite green salad, this easy to prepare couscous dessert is very nutritious and very rich in carbohydrates. The versatile couscous is made from semolina wheat that and makes a perfect alternative to potatoes, rice and pasta. Couscous absorbs easily any kind of liquid and is commonly served along with other tasty meat, vegetable or fish main dishes. Quick and easy summer couscous is a refreshing and delicious salad that combines great tasting and flavorful ingredients such as the yogurt, cucumber, chestnuts, beans and of course its super tasty mustard dressing. If you feel like adding other vegetables or herbs and spices on this quick and easy summer couscous, don’t worry because the versatile couscous will perfectly blend with every ingredient you put or include. So, prepare this super nutritious couscous salad and let everyone enjoy a sumptuous and satisfying meal like they never enjoyed before. 
For the Salad: 
1½ C couscous + boiling water to cover 
½ C plain yogurt 
6 cocktail tomatoes 
1 cucumber (such as straight eight) 
¼ C crumbled chestnuts/beach-nuts OR ½ C cooked romano beans 
For the dressing: 
1 C plain yogurt 
1 tbsp grainy (Dijon-style) prepared mustard 
1 tsp apple cider vinegar 
1/8 C each fresh coriander and fresh dill 
1 clove of garlic, minced 
Get ready with your ingredients because this couscous salad cooks so easy and fast. Simply combine couscous and boiling water, mix and wait until couscous absorbs the water completely. Then add yogurt to couscous, mix well and chill. While waiting for couscous to cool, wash tomatoes and dice. Peel cucumber and dice also. Combine and whisk dressing ingredients. Get cool couscous in the fridge and then add in the tomatoes, cucumber and the dressing. Toss and mix well.  

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