Wine Simple Combinations

Some things just go together perfectly: peanut butter and jelly, pancake and syrup – the list goes on. They go together well because they either complement each other or bring out the best qualities from each other. The same can also be said about wines. Although many people no longer follow the rule that reds should be paired with red meats and whites with white meats, there are still those who subscribe to this unwritten rule in terms of pairing vino with food
When finding the right food for this celebrated beverage, your taste buds should still dictate what pair goes together well. However, if you’re looking for foods that would go well with your reds or whites, here are some suggestions you can try: 
Chocolates – This may seem like a surprising suggestion, but people have been pairing wines with chocolates for a long time now. However, you have to keep in mind that pairing these two is a bit of a hit-and-miss affair. For the chocolate not to overwhelm the sweetness of the vino, be sure that the former is not sweeter than the latter. 
Cheeses – You can’t go wrong with this milk product when used as a pairing food. With tons of cheese varieties out there, you won’t have a shortage when it comes to choosing something to go with the red or white you’re sipping. There are many who say, though, that Artisanal cheese takes the top spot. Perhaps it is because this type of cheese is made by hand using traditional cheese-making craftsmanship. 
Fruits – What’s a better way to complement a drink made from fruits than fruits? Here, you can choose from nature’s bounty. From avocados to apples, to melons and mangoes, to pears and peaches, you can’t go wrong with fruits, although there are certain types that go with certain wines. 
Salads – Depending on what style of salad you fancy making, there are also certain reds and whites that go well with certain salads. Most salad styles just go naturally with wine, anyway. Many of today’s salads are no longer just limited to being a side dish and are sometimes considered one of the main courses. With the amount of ingredients in the mix, however, some of them may not go well with what you’re drinking. But again, who’s stopping you from pairing the liquid you’re drinking with anything? 

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