Making Potato Pancakes with Ham and Cheese

This scrumptious recipe considered as the Spanish version of the world-known potato pancakes is accented with cheese and ham to make it a complete meal which can be served as is. It is best served with eggs for breakfast and as a dish on the side to veggies, fish or meats at lunchtime or dinnertime. This can also be served as a snack to satisfy your craving whenever you just want to nibble on something like Michelin recipes. This recipe uses potatoes that are boiled with the use of salted water till a level of tenderness is reached then mashed and mixed with flour, ham, cheese and butter, and pepper and salt are used to season it to create a batter like dough or pancake. The batter after being shaped into patties is fried using a skillet till they are golden brown.
With the cheese and the ham in every potato patty, a very flavorful dish is thus made. The grated cheddar cheese used in this dish gives it a sharp flavor for an irresistible taste. The cheese not only contributes to its flavor but also its texture helps keep all the ingredients intact and to prevent the shape of the patties from being ruined especially when they are being shaped and already fried in the skillet. Fantastic for breakfast and known as Spanish potato patties, this recipe makes for an appetizing lunch or an appealing dish on the side at dinnertime. You can always prepare it anytime you wish!
1 ¼ lb. potatoes, peeled and cubed
2 tablespoons butter
¼ cup grated Cheddar cheese
4 slices ham, chopped
½ cup all purpose flour
Spray oil
Freshly ground pepper
1.Using a saucepan, boil the salted water.
2.The potatoes then are added and cooked for 10- 15 minutes until they are tender.
3.Afterwhich the potatoes are drained and then mashed and mixed with the cheese and butter till they are melted.
4.Add the flour and ham. Stir well.
5.It must then be seasoned with pepper and salt.
6.The “dough” must then be divided into 8 and shaped into about ½ in. thick discs.
7.Add oil to a skillet.
8.Afterwhich the potato pancakes must be cooked for 4-5 minutes on all sides till they are golden.
9.Use paper towels to drain them before serving.

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